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Celebrate the freedom to read! Learn more about Banned Books Week, book bans or challenges, and censorship.

First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution

In the United States, your right to read what you want is protected by the First Amendment. In a free society, the author and reader are protected. Read more about this at:


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Banned Books Week Events 2023



The theme for Banned Books Week 2023 is "Let Freedom Read." When we ban books, we're closing off readers to people, places, and perspectives. But when we stand up for stories, we unleash the power that lies inside every book. We liberate the array of voices that need to be heard and the scenes that need to be seen. Let freedom read!

Banned Books Week @ Albright College Library


The Albright College Library joins libraries throughout the country in the American Library Association’s (ALA) Annual Banned Books Week 2023, October 1 - 7.