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FYS 1002SHY -- The First Superheroes: The Epics of Gilgamesh, Homer, and Vergil (Fall 2020): Citing

Citing Your Documents in MLA Style

Excelsior Online Writing Lab - Citing in MLA Style USE THE NAVIGATION PANEL ON THE LEFT.

Purdue Owl--Citing in MLA Style

Not everything in the Purdue OWL is free. Avoid their citation generator.


Citing Your Documents in Chicago Style

Excelsior Online Writing Lab - Citing in Chicago Style,16th Edition USE THE NAVIGATION PANEL ON THE LEFT.

Purdue Owl - Citing in Chicago Style,17th Edition, ,

In addition to tools like those listed above, look for the Cite feature in the databases.

A word of caution! Online tools are excellent but they are not necessarily correct. They read data as it is passed to them, so if the data is incorrect, the citation will be too. You need to understand APA format so you can edit and proof the results of the online products.