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Finance and Investing: Library Databases

How to invest understand money markets

Quick Tips

In order to find the best resources, follow these basic steps to develop a concise research strategy.

  1. Create research question -- Has the ethics of whistleblowing changed since the Enron scandal (2001)

  2. Select the concepts -- ethics, whistleblowing, Enron

  3. Pick the keywords for the concepts -- ethics, ethical, moral, morals, whistleblowers, whistleblowing, Enron

  4. Use Boolean operators to combine them (after adjusting for truncation)
    line 1 - ethic* or moral or morals (don't want the keyword morale)
    line 2 - whistleblow*
    line 3 - Enron (or consider searching for items written after 2001)


The most popular databases with finance information are listed in alphabetical order. You can find more information on each database and review the online help options for each database by going to our Complete List of Library Databases. Once you find the sources you need, you can see if we own that particular magazine, journal or newspaper by checking a full listing of the serial items that the college can access in print (in the Library) or by reading online