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Information Literacy: Module 1- Library Tour

Introduction to the ACRL Information Literacy support provided by the Albright Library.

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Albright College is committed to maintaining the highest standards of information literacy and creative thinking in both its curriculum and its campus culture. The Albright College Gingrich Library provides comprehensive information literacy modules and works diligently with faculty to intergrate the standards set forth by the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL).

Mission Statement

Assignments -- Asignments, IL Modules and IL tutorials 

ACRL Framework--The new ACRL Framework that replaces the standards

The Old Standards- the ACRL division of the American Library Association has set the highest standards for College and University level Information Literacy. These standards have since been rescinded and replaced with the ACRL Framework.

Getting Assistance -- Who to contact to get assistance.

Module 1- Library Tour


Introduce students to the features and main areas of the library and make them aware of the locations of collections, multimedia items, and specialized library resources


The student will:

  • Be able to located major collections and know the locations of commonly used resources such as reference books, current periodicals, bound periodicals, microforms, and multimedia equipment
  • Understand the breakdown of the library’s Dewey decimal cataloging system, including which Dewey ranges are on the second and third floors
  • Be informed about the services provided by the library including ILL, reference servicers, AskHerePA, and circulation/course reserves

Sample Lesson Plan:

The tour will introduce students to the features of the library floor-by-floor.


1. First floor including

Reference Desk – Note the willingness of the reference staff to help patrons; note reference hours

        Circulation – Outline the checkout process; explain course reserves and note their location behind the circulation desk

        Current periodicals – Briefly explain the binding and relocation of older scholarly journals to the third floor

Microform – Note that staff can assist patrons that wish to use the microform readers

Media Classroom – Note the location and features of the Media classroom (i.e. Smartboard, multimedia editing equipment, etc.) 

Patron Computers – Note the differences between the login computers and the public access computers; briefly outline the login/password reset process


2. Second Floor:

Stacks – Explain the Dewey Decimal cataloging system, including subject ranges, and delineate the start and stop points (000-799, 800-999) of the  Dewey system on each floor.

Note the location of both the Holocaust Resource Center/Nolan Room and the Albright Archives; briefly outline their resources

Note the location group study rooms A and B, and explain their important features (the multimedia resources in Room A, etc.)

Note the location of the second floor folios; show an example

Note the location of the second floor search terminal


3. Third Floor:

Explain the alphabetical shelving of the bound periodicals; note their location

Explain the quiet levels of each floor (third being the quietest, followed by the second and then the first); reiterate the Library cell phone policy and  encourage students to use the lobby for cell phone conversations and the eating of food

Note the location of study carrels on the second and third floors

Note the location of the third floor search terminal


Other floors:

Mention the departments in the rest of the building without touring, including the campus radio station and ALC (Basement) and the administration/registrar and President’s offices on the ground floor

 Grading Rubric for Module #1:

Performance factor


(Level 4)


(Level 3)


(Level 2)


(Level 1)

Demonstrates an ability to locate resources and identify pertinent area of the Gingrich Library

- Can identify the location of all research collections in the library including the book stacks, reference books, current periodicals, microforms, media services, bound periodicals, reference services, circulation services, and course reserves

-Can identify the location of most collections in the library including the book stacks, current periodicals, reference collection, circulation services, and course reserves


- Can identify the location of major collections in the library including the book stacks, current periodicals, reference services, and circulation services



-Needs retraining or a follow up tour to identify important locations and library resources.



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