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Edible Books: 2014 Edible Books

2014 Edible Book entries

Photos from Albright College Gingrich Library's 9th annual

Edible Book Festival - 2014

Event pictures

photos copyright John Pankratz, 2014

Poster 2014

Edible Books Poster 2014

2014 Winners

I Haven’t the Slightest Idea First Place and People's Choice Award: "I Haven’t the Slightest Idea" – The Hatter, from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Megan Sherman and Rachael Noaker
A CLockwork Orange Second Place: A Clockwork  Orange by Ellen Underwood and  Riley Drudger
Murder on the Orient Express Honorable Mention: Murder on the Orient Express  by  Yung Ha
Khadyah Fields Honorable Mention:  The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by  Khadyah Fields
Anna Garcia-Malave, Samantha Hoplack Honorable Mention: Lord of the Flies by Anna Garcia-Malave and Samantha Hoplack
The Life of a Pie Honorable Mention: "The Life of a Pie" from The Life of Pi, by  Kennon, Tracy, Holden, Rowan, & Sawyer Rice