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Edible Books: 2013 Edible Books

2013 Edible Book entries

Photos from Albright College Gingrich Library's 8th annual

Edible Book Festival - 2013

Event pictures

photos copyright John Pankratz, 2013

2013 Winners

Farm on the Hill First Place: “Farm on The Hill” by Toni-Lynn Weinsteiger
“An Greasai Boog (Elves & the Shoemaker) Second Place: “An Greasai Boog (Elves & the Shoemaker)” by the Morris family
“Butter Battle” Honorable Mention: “Butter Battle” by the Rice family 
“Tea Party” Honorable Mention: “Tea Party” from Alice's Adventures  in Wonderland, by Tanisha Thomas
"Of course the exist!" Honorable Mention: "Of Course They Exist!” from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Jennifer Saez and Katyria Echevarria