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FYS 100 -- Funny Women - Spring 2016: Getting Started

Getting Started

Candy Land Start

This guide will take you through the process of deciding on a topic, finding reliable information about the topic and citing the information your have found.

The Mechanics:

  • START EARLY X 10! Don't put off your papers.
  • Know and Understand your topic. Verify with your insturctor that what you have selected is appropriate and doable for the course.



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Picking Your Topic IS Research

Databases for Topic Selection and Background Information

Tips on deciding:

You can use the following resources to help you select your topic. The databases have thesauri, and subject guide that will help you see if there are articles on the topics.

Subject Specific Encyclopedias

A good encyclopedia can provide beginning researchers with the following:

  • an overview of a topic and its various aspects
  • the vocabulary associated with the topic
  • the names of important people, companies or places,
  • a bibliography to lead to other relevant items on the topic, including major studies, books, articles and researchers.

The reference collection contains encylopedias representative of the curriculum. Use the online catalog to locate these subject specific sources.