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Bible in the Reel World (Beta): The Open Source Components


Koha is a free open source Integrated Library System. It was selected for this project because the open source software could be modified by library staff. An additional benefit is Koha's ability to index everything in the record. This level of indexing ensures that the database has the search functionality envisioned by the faculty.  

IMDb® and MARC records

One of the biggest hurdles was converting the film entries from MS-Word to MARC cataloging records. Library Staff discovered a free IMDb to MARC converter at

MarcEdit by Terry Reese

MarcEdit is a free MARC editing utility that has seen wide use in the library community. Library staff used MarcEdit to "join" the individual MARC records imported using the IMDb to MARC converter. This step made uploading records to Koha faster and more efficient. See the MarcEdit home page at