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Information Fluency Toolbox

Information literacy tools for Albright Faculty.

Library Stories

Library Stories are short animated videos the Gingrich Library composes to explain something we want students to know.  We have just started creating them and are looking for more ideas.  

Please use the comments link on this page to suggest new topics that we can explore.

#1: Library Databases vs. Google

This videos encourages students to use the library databases to do research rather than turn to Google, even though that may be a tried and true reaction.. 

#2: Turnstile Troubles

This video reminds students that they need to hand their library books to a staff member when they are ready to leave so that they avoid the security system alarm.

The C.A.R.P. Test

This video was deigned to introduce 4th graders to evaluating information sources. The concepts of the C.R.A.A.P. test were simplified and presented as a more age appropriate "C.A.R.P." test.