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BUS 365 -- Entrepreneurship -- Spring 2022: Books

Books Collection

You can search for books and ebooks using LION One Search or the cataLION.

In addition to searching the word entrepreneurship, try phrases like 

  • small business management
  • small business handbooks

Or try searching for a specific industry, e.g., fast food industry

You can also search our ebook collections separately:

A Word about the Gingrich Library

As you all probably know, the Library is undergoing a renovation. In preparation for that  project, the old building has to be emptied. Library staff, the reference collection, and a small circulating collection (the Micro Library) have been moved to the Center for Computing and Mathematics, the CCM. If you need a book that is in the old building, you can place a hold on it, and library staff will retrieve it for you.

Placing a Hold

If you want to place a hold for an item that is on a list, click the Place a Hold link that appears under the item. If you have clicked on an individual item, the Place a Hold link is on the right hand side of the screen.

Log in with your LionLINK credentials.

To complete the process, click Confirm Hold.