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BIO 101: Reputable Websites

More Websites Than You Can Count


There are websites available on every biology topic imaginable. Some reliable and some not. On this page is a smattering of sites that are reputable and might be useful for your biology project. Some of these sites will also link to other useful sites. If you choose to use websites in your research, check for .edu or .gov sites. Organization and association websites devoted to your topic can be useful as well, but be sure the organization is reputable, e.g., the American Diabetes Association, or the American Heart Association. 

General Biology

Botany and Agriculture

Medical and Genetics

Marine Biology

A Word about Google Scholar

Google Scholar

You can change the settings to see what is available at Albright.

At the Google Scholar home page:

  • Click Settings under the hamburger menu at the upper left
  • Library Links
  • Type in Albright and click search (magnifying glass)
  • Click the box before Albright
  • Click Save