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FYS 100 - The Truth of Suffering (Forte - Fall 2014): Background Research

Fourth Hour of Rigor Project

Write a 10 page research paper, examining a topic of your choice, while using reputable source material for your evidence.

Reference Sources


Encyclopedia of Buddhism / edited by Damien Keown & Charles S. Prebish. (c.2007 - Ref 294.3 K37e 2007

Keys Words in Buddhism / Ron Geaves. (c. 2006 - Ref 294.3 G292k 2006


Buddhist Studies (WWW  Virtual Library) - portal to Buddhist web sites

Buddhanet (Buddhist Education and Information Network) - search guide to Buddhist studies and access to selected ebook


Words of Wisdom

"Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing."

-- Werner von Braun