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FYS 100 - The Truth of Suffering (Forte - Fall 2014): Locating Your Materials


image for finding materials

Resources by Floor:

First Floor:

  • [In stacks} Folio, Reference, Popular DVDs
  • [Ask at Desk} All other AV marterials

Second Floor:

  • [In stacks} 000s - 600s
  • {Archives} Albrightiana, Rare Books, EUB, Nolan. etc

Third Floor

  • 800s - 900s
  • Curriculum and Juvenile Reading
  • Bound print journals

Locating What You Have Discovered


  • Books are available at Albright in both paper and online options, both of which are listed in the cataLION online catalog..  Online options can be veiewed on an computer and many can be downloaded to personal devices and borrowed for a few days to a week.  Printed books are usually available for 6 weeks for students and can be renewed twice.
  • Books that are needed that we do not own should be requested via ILLiad -- see links on the next column,

 Journal Articles:

  • Once you identify an article you need in one of the Library's databases, click on the article's Find Fulltext icon fulltext icon to see if Albright has that particular item or check our Journal Locator, a full listing of the serial items that the college can access in print (in the Library) or online.
  • If you can't find the article at Albright,  the ILLiad Request icon Illiad reuest icon  will allow you to request a copy of an item from another library. First you need to create an account (see link in next column) Once you have an account, you can click wherever you see this icon to generate a request for the materials you need. Articles are scanned and available electronically via ILLiad (you will receive emails telling you about the status of all requests) and take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks to obtain.

Important Links

Using ILLiad