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Digital Communications: Internet Resources

Quick Tips

Google's advanced search allows you to search by domain name (on bottom line of the advanced search form).

Entering .edu or .gov into this line will only return results from educational or US government sites, which tend to contain more reliable scholarly or factual information. You will still have to evaluate the sites for authority, accuracy, currency, and objectivity.

Internet Resources

Below are some useful websites that cover a braod spectrum of Digital Commhnications topics.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar uses Google's search interface to find academic sources without the commercial aspects of plain Google.

When searching in Google Scholar, it is possible to see what items are available through Albright's Library. From the main Google Scholar search page, click on the settings icon. On the left hand side click Library links. In the box Show library access links for (choose up to five libraries), type Albright College and then click on the magnifying glass. Then click on the check box to select Albright College and click Save. Now when you search Google Scholar, you will be informed if an item is available to you from Albright.