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LAS 283 -- US-Mexico Borderlands (Fall 2014): Surfing the Internet

Internet Tips

Gold stick figure on mouse

Google's advanced search allows you to search by domain name (on bottom line of the advanced search form).

Entering .edu, .gov or .org into this line will only return results from educational, organizational  or US government sites. You will still have to evaluate the sites for authority, accuracy, currency, and objectivity.

Google Scholar eliminates the commercial parts of Google and points to more scholarly information.

Internet Search Tips

Pick one or two search engines and learn how to use them well. Refer to the HELP features to make sure you can create a search that will find the most relevant items and eliminate marginal and unhelpful sites.

Consider using Google Scholar. A Google Scholar search eliminates the advertising and commercial sites and helps you locate scholarly items.

Use critical thinking skills and evaluate the websites you find.

Reliable Websites

Handbook of Latin American Studies  A bibliography of selected works on Latin America. (Use interlibrary loan for these items).

Human Rights Watch is an independent organization dedicated to protecting human rights around the world.

Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC) provides links to information to, from, or on Latin America.

Latin American Open Archives Portal, a project of LANIC, it provides access to grey ilterature on the web.

WomenWatch is a website from the United Nations Inter-Agency Network on Women and Gender quality (IANWGE).

Use critical thinking skills and evaluate the websites you find.