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Andean World: Article & News Databases

Search Process

Ask yourself some of the following questions. Your answers can help you determine the best resources to use to get the most useful and relevant material.

  • Is the topic historic or current or both?
  • What is the basic subject area of the topic, e.g.,
    • sociology
    • politics
    • economics
    • art
  • Where might I find the most relevant information?
    • books
    • articles
    • news stories
    • websites
  • Who is a stakeholder in this topic?

Follow these basic steps to develop a concise research strategy:

  • Create research question -- Has the ethics of whistleblowing changed since the Enron scandal (2001)
  • Select the concepts -- ethics, whistleblowing, Enron
  • Pick the keywords for the concepts -- ethics, ethical, moral, morals, whistleblowers, whistleblowing, Enron
  • Select appropriate resources
  • Evaluate your retrieval to be sure you items are appropriate and adjust your search as necessary.



Try searching with both Spanish and English terms. Some databases also have the ability to let you limit by language.