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FYS 100. Culture and Global Business. Fall 2017.: LION One Search

Why use Lion One Search?

  • Returns results from books, articles, video, and other library resources
  • Can use limiters to improve your search results
  • Can locate journals in the library or online

How to improve your results (video)

Tips for Better Searching

  1. By default, the OneSearch searches all terms you have entered, without the need to use AND.  For example: Teens Game Violence will find items that contain all 3 terms.
  2. By default, the OneSearch searches through the full text of documents (if available).  This may cause a large number of results, and not all are relevant to your subject.  Results are returned in a relevancy ranked order.
  3. To improve the relevancy of your search results, enclose phrases in "quotation marks".  For example:   "school violence" or "global warming"
  4. Include the apostrophe.  For example, use "handmaid's tale" rather than "handmaids tale"
  5. To find variant endings for a word, use the * asterisk (truncation symbol.)  For example:  delinquen* finds delinquent, delinquents, delinquency
  6. To find books, e-books. videos or other items in the Albright library, refine your search by selecting " Catalog (cataLION) Only"
  7. To find scholarly journal articles, refine your search by selecting "Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals"
  8. You can refine a search by limiting to Language. However, be aware that many English language articles have not been tagged as English, so will be missing from your search results.
  9. Many items have direct links to retrieve the full text. For those that don't, use "Find Full Text" to determine if Albright Library has the item in print or online.

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