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POL 440 -- Power & Seminal Readings in the American Polity: Finding Books


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Books at Albright & Other Libraries

To find books and AV materials at Albright, check our CataLION (Online Public Access Catalog).

cataLION search tips:

  • Use cataLION to search print and electronic books, as well as DVDs and streaming video
  • The cataLION online catalog searches like Google. It tries to match as many of your terms as possible with the best matches appearing on the first pages.
  • The database is searchable by title, author, subject or keyword options.  When searching by keyword mode only input the keywords and ignore the prepositions, articles, etc to make the search more efficient.
  • The database will do automatic truncation, both left and right, so truncation symbols are not needed.  E.g., typing in rain will find both rainfall and brain.
  • To do a more comprehensive search, use the CataLION advanced search