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Great Ages of Theatre I: Images

Historical Images

Historical Images: General

Harry Ransom Center Performing Arts Glass Plate Negatives

Museum of the City of New York Broadway Productions Image Collection

Historical Images: Actors and Actresses

19th Century Actors and Theater Photographs -- a project of the University of Washington

The Billy Rose Theatre Photograph Collection -- New York Public Library

Portraits of Actors, 1720-1920 -- a project of the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Ringling Collection: Images of 19th-Century Actors and Actresses -- a project of the University of Florida

Historical Images: Costume

Motley Collection of Theatre & Costume Design -- a project of the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Costume Historical Image Collections -- a project of Wayne State University
Includes Digital Dress: Historic Costume Collection, Dorothea June Grossbart Historic Costume Collection, Meadow Brook Hall Historic Costume Collection, and Henry Ford Historic Costume Collection.

Theatre Productions and Players, 1920s-1957 -- a project of the New York Public Library

Chicago History Museum: Costume and Textile Collection

The History of Costume


The Theatrical Scene and Costume Design Collection -- a project of the University of Calgary

The Louisiana Research Collection: New Orleans Carnival Collection -- a project of Tulane University

Elizabethan Costume

The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Costume Institute Digital Collections