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Hip Hop Resource Guide: Books & Articles

Books vs. Articles

Why use books?

Books can be a treasure chest of information that may not be available in any other resource, especially when looking at the historical treatment of a topic. Most SCHOLARLY books also provide extensive bibliographies, directing you to other books, articles, and various other types of sources that can be very useful to your research.

Why use articles?

Articles are crucial for SCHOLARLY communication and have a narrow scope as the information is focused on a topic.

SCHOLARLY articles tend to begin with an abstract which is an overview of the article. Titles can be misleading, so it is best to read the abstract to learn what the article is about.

They are typically lengthy and have a thorough bibliography.


Peer Review

As an undergraduate conducting your own research, the majority of your research will be using ‘peer reviewed’ materials. This kind of material is read and reviewed by experts in the field, who determine if it is good enough to publish. If an article passes the ‘peer review’ test then it will be added to the overall body of knowledge.

Why Important?

Why is this kind of article so important and used by so many of your professors? It is important not only because it is so well scrutinized by experts, but because it often is a way of creating new thoughts, ideas and knowledge.

The Peer Review Process (NCSU)