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Composition Placement Support: What Is A Placement Test?

Extra information to assist students when taking the composition placement test.

Need Help?

If you experience ANY problems in practicing the essay submission, you need to contact the College and tell them what problems you are experiencing.   Please send email to and provide the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your Albright account username
  • Contact information on the best way and times to contact you about your issue
  • If you can create a screen capture of the error message or problem, please attach that

Someone will contact you within one business day.  Thank you!

Why Take A Placement Test?

In order to place you in the best choice of English composition class, we need to see a sample of your writing skills. Since you did not submit scores for the SAT/ACT, Albright needs you to complete this 25 minute essay exercise to help us find the best class match for you. By not completing it, or not giving it genuine effort, you risk being placed in a writing class for which you may or may not be prepared

We will first ask you to verify that you can submit to our website by sending a document via the Practice Submission section below {note that links require you to log into Moodle]. The practice submission will imitate the real one and allow you to compose and submit a document. Once you submit the practice sample, you will not be able to practice again. Report any practice problems via the Support instructions below.

When you have completed the practice submission and feel comfortable, go to the Timed Essay Composition section to compose and send your essay. The timed essay is available until Monday, July 20, 2015 although we encourage you to submit your essay as soon as possible so we can best schedule your first semester at Albright.

If you need any testing accommodation due to lack of computer access or a disability, please consult the section on Testing Accommodations below or contact the Placement Support Team at for additional instructions. Note also that as an Albrightian you are bound by the College’s Honor Policy, which is also explained below. You must submit your own work without assistance from other persons or materials.

Need Testing Accommodations?

Students who do not have access to a suitable computer or internet connection or who for reason of disability cannot complete the essay as assigned should communicate this to the College by June 15, 2015 by contacting the Registrar’s office (phone: 610-921-7256, FAX: 610-921-7258, email: – use the subject line “Accommodations Requested”). 

Students seeking an alternative test time and format for reason of disability must submit suitable documentation to be granted this accommodation. For purpose of this placement test, documentation should include (1) a written request for the accommodation that describes what the student needs to complete the exercise and (2) a copy of clinical report by a licensed provider and/or recent IEP/504 plan that makes clear the reason for the request and the history of the functional impact of the disability.  Send accommodation materials to the Director of Disability Services via email or fax to “Undergraduate Dean” at 610-921-7554. Note that the accommodation process for this placement exercise is separate from the process for requesting academic accommodations, for which students should request information from the Director of Disability Services during the summer if they will seek accommodations.  

Check Out the Albright Honor Policy

This placement exercise does not award course credit or grade or affect the number of courses a student must take.  Your submission of an essay is a promise that you have followed the "Academic Dishonesty Policy" of Albright College and that you are submitting your own unaided personal work. No additional materials, printed or otherwise, should be consulted once the essay sessions begins.  The full honor policy is available at