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Summer Start 2015: Find Articles

Scholarly, Peer Reviewed, and Refereed Journals


The terms scholarly, refereed, and peer reviewed tend to be used interchangeably. These terms refer to:

  • An academic journal (which is different from a magazine) which has strict guidelines in place to ensure that the content published is accurate, authoritative, and complete

  • The process these journals use to ensure that their content meets these standards requires other experts in the subject matter to judge, or referee, the value of the article submitted for publication. This is what is known as the "peer review process."

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Overview of Library Search Strategy

Quick Tips


  • Always use the ADVANCED SEARCH screen when searching databases! You now have the skills for advanced searching so use them!
  • Use the LIMITERS at the bottom of the search screen (limit by date, format, etc) to reduce the number of results, locate the most recent materials, and focus your search
  • Use the four basic techniques -- Boolean search terms, synonyms, truncation symbols, and phrase searching -- to tighten your search results
  • Remember to use the BASKET/FOLDER function to "shop" your results by checking the boxes next to good articles: it will allow you to print, email or export your bibliography automatically, in the proper citation format, and save you a lot of time!
  • Check the PEER REVIEWED/ SCHOLARLY article box to limit your results if you need to find scholarly articles only
  • Do NOT check the "full text articles" box unless you absolutely need to! Our Journal Locator program will link you to full-text versions of the article in one our other databases if they are available here at Albright College