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CHE - Finding Chemical Information (Fall 2014): Medline/PubMed

Using the online chemical and biochemical databases to find information.

What is Medline?

PubMed, from the National Library of Medicine, is an excellent source of biomedical and biochemical literature. Medline is also available via SciFinder, FirstSearch and Lexis Nexis Academic (select Sources, Scientific materials, Medline).  Except for SciFinder, the other 3 sources search in similar ways using the basic search concepts above.  If you are using SciFinder, explore References automatically searches both CAplus and Medline so be aware that automatic duplicate removal  will remove the Medline citations.

Connect to PubMed (Albright Connection)

Tips For Searching

      Tip:  Use the link above, rather than a generic link to PubMed, to connect to the Albright Journal Locator

    • Use the Limits tab to limit by publication date or by language
    • Enter additional search terms in the search box (no “And” or “Or” are required).
    • Review articles are separated out under the Review tab.
    • View the Details tab to see how PubMed interpreted your search terms and to identify appropriate MeSH (subject) headings.
    • The Preview / Index tab allows you to explore terms in the MeSH database, or to add terms in specific fields (author, article title)
  • New!  PubMed Advanced Search allows easier use of limits and searching in specific fields (eg, MeSH).

  • In searching authors, Medline has used initials, even when the article uses the full name of the author; when in doubt search full name and then last name with initials.

PubMed Tutorials from NIH/NLM

PubMed Tutorial