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CHE - Finding Chemical Information (Fall 2014): BIOSIS

Using the online chemical and biochemical databases to find information.

What is BIOSIS?

BIOSIS  or is a complete collection of bibliographic references covering life science and biomedical research literature published in more than 4,000 journals internationally. This database provides users with easy access to the latest information in virtually every life science discipline, including biochemistry.

Connect to BIOSIS

Tips for Searching


Biosis (Biological Abstracts) is the premier database for citations of biological literature.  In basic searching, there are several limiting features unique to this database: taxa notes, role of organism, chemical role, sequence type, organ system, developmental stage, and others of interest to biochemists.  A search also may be limited by various other limiters, via the drop down menu.  If searching for a chemical compound, it is usually best to use the registry number.  Authors are using given with full names; truncating to initials gives unusual results.

Basic strategies for searching Biosis are listed here.