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Survivor -- Who Will Outlast?

Before You Begin

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  • Students will be placed on tribes of 3-4.
  • Tribes will work together to solve challenges.
  • The librarian is available to answer questions, but not to do the work!
  • All tribes must start each challenge at the same time.  No peeking ahead!  That's cheating!!!

  • Work together as a “Tribe”

  •  Include everyone – no outcasts!

  • Scoring: the tribe that finishes each challenge first gets 7 points, the next tribes to finish all get 5.  Points will be cumulative, so even if your tribe gets off to a slow start, rankings can change fast!
  • At the end of the challenges, the tribe with the most points wins the game!


Tools of Survival:

  • CataLION

  • Scholarly Journals (peer reviewed)

  • Books

  • Electronic Resources

  • Library Databases