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Library SURVIVOR: 6th Survivor Challenge

Library Survivor

6th Challenge

Scholarly versus Popular Sources

(7 pts to winner)


Many times your professor will ask you to cite only scholarly sources in your work.  Sometimes students have difficulty understanding the differences between a scholarly journal and a popular magazine.  Here is the lowdown:

(Check out this handy dandy chart for more information!)

Sometimes it can be even more challenging to determine the type of source when you only have the citation in the database and/or the full text of the article (but not pictures, etc) to go by.  But, nevertheless, we are going to test your skills!

Take a look at the following citations and determine if the sources are scholarly or popular according to the definitions above (and use the chart linked up there too!)

1. Dalton, Ross. "Who Will Win Survivor: Samoa?" Entertainment Weekly Dec 18 2009: 73,n/a. ProQuest Central. Web. 21 Sep. 2012

2.  O'Brien, Conan. "The Future of Television." Newsweek May 30 2005: 60,60,62. ProQuest Central. Web. 21 Sep. 2012

3. Love, Meredith. "Composing through the Performative Screen: Translating Performance Studies into Writing Pedagogy." Composition Studies 35.2 (2007): 11,30,142. ProQuest Central. Web. 21 Sep. 2012.

4. JOWETT, LORNA. "Blockbuster T.V.: Must-See Sitcoms in the Network Era." Journal of American Studies 36 (2002): 557-8. ProQuest Central. Web. 21 Sep. 2012.

5. Poniewozik, James. "Why the Future of Television is Lost." Time Oct 02 2006: 44,46,48. ProQuest Central. Web. 21 Sep. 2012.