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FYS100 - Japanese Culture 2019: Starting Points

Keywords and Phrases

Where to begin

Start early!  Start early!  Start early!

  • Read the assignment carefully.  Use your syllabus, class discussions, or readings to select a topic and compile a list of keywords.
  • Use Credo Reference for additional background information.
  • List important people, organizations, or events
  • Determine major studies, books, and articles
  • Develop an overview
  • Use LION One Search to locate books, ebooks, and articles on your topic.
  • Assemble the information in a format to match your assignment.

Credo Video Tutorials give an overview of basic research. 

Reference Librarians are here to help you do your research.  Don't be frustrated.  There is a chat box on the Library main page, a librarian at the feference desk most hours the library is open, and email help  via

If you have questions about an assignment, don't be afraid to contact your professor


LION One Search

LION One Search is the main interface to search library resources.

The LION One Search tab searches all resource types by keyword.  It's also possible to search by Title or Author.

The Books/Ebooks link opens the CataLION interface to search for books. Search options include:

  • Keyword 
  • Title
  • Author
  • Subject
  • ISBN
  • Series
  • Call Number

The Articles tab lets users search across multiple databases.  Searching a specific database may produce better results.

  • Keyword
  • Title
  • Author

The Journals tab lets you search for words in a journal title or browse journals grouped by discipline.

The Videos tab opens an interface to search for physical videos and DVDs in the library and videos that are part of our subscriptions.

  • Keyword
  • Title
  • Author

Internet Resources

Google Search engines

Other Search Engines



Other Searches