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FYS100 -- Greening Our Campus: Finding Information

Books and eBooks

You can search for books and ebooks using LION One Search or the cataLION.

The library subscribes to several ebook services and links to other ebook collections. 

Physical books have a call number and are housed on the second and third floors of the library.  Oversize books are housed on the main floor of the library.  Ask for assistance at the circulation desk if you cannot locate a book.  The number in parentheses after the call number indicates the number of copies available for borrowing. 

Depending on licensing agreements, an ebook may open when the link is clicked, providing options to read online, download, or print.  Books available through the Internet Archive or Open Library require users to create a free account.  ebooks may sometimes be "checked out" and unavailable.

Google Books is sometimes useful for finding a book on a topic and may include a preview of some content.  If a book that Albright does not have access to seems to be valuable for your research, you can request it through Interlibrary Loan.

Journal Articles

The main resource to search for journal articles is LION One Search, using the "Articles" tab.  Searches can be for Keywords, words in the title, or for authors.  Searching is usually an interactive process.  Note the number of results.  Experiment with options and track how the number changes.  Examine the results and look for ways to improve them until you get what you need.

Use any options to refine results by type of article, date, source type, or other choices.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar uses regular search, but the results are taken from academic publishers, college sites, and other similar sources.  Many of the extraneous results from a general web search are filtered out.

Use Scholar options to include results from Albright databases (Hamburger menu/Settings/Library links).