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FYS100 -- Greening Our Campus: Search Exercises

Academic Search Complete

Go to Academic Search Complete.

Click "Subject Terms".

Search for "Sustainability" and add it to your search.

Search for another term related to your topic and add it to your search.

Click "Search".

Note the number of results.  Look at article titles.  Do any look promising?  What are the subjects listed?  Experiment by adding another subject to your search.

Click "Full Text" and see how the number of results changes.

Click "Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals" and note the number of results.

You are using the scientific method.  Wash, Rinse, Repeat, until you achieve the desired result.






Using library resources, locate a book about sustainability on college campuses.


Locate articles on your topic using LION One Search.  Search both Title and Keyword using your terms.  How do the results differ?


Google Scholar

Search google scholar for

       chew magna

Chew Magna is a town in Wales.  What is a problem with the results list?  How can you eliminate some of the false retrieval?