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LAS/HIS 340 -- Women and Gender in Latin America: Home

How to Use This Guide

Session Evaluation

Later in the semester you will be asked to complete a brief survey about this session and whether or not it impacted your ability to complete your assignment. Look for more information about the survey in the next few weeks.

Video Tutorials Only a Click Away

The videos below explain basic research skills -- finding quality materials and evaluating the information located. 

These videos contain both audio and video cues so they are ADA compliant.

Although these videos were created to be viewed in the sequence suggested, you can pick and select the videos you want to see. 

Please send any suggestions to the Library about improving these videos or adding more topics.

Basic Video Tutorials

1. Selecting a Topic 2. Scholarly Information 
3. Library Databases

Scope: Selecting a suitable topic and creating the topic question.

Video: Selecting a Topic (5:51)

Scope: Determining how to identify scholarly information and why it is needed for research.

Video: Scholarly Information (4:10)

Scope: Understanding what library databases are and how they differ from searching the Internet.

Video: Library Databases (5:08)

4. Basic Research Strategy 5. Advanced Research Strategy 6. Finding Books & DVDs

Scope: Creating the research question and breaking in to the concepts that describe the topic.  Using keywords and Boolean logic to refine the search.

Video: Basic Research Strategy (5:51)

Scope: Searching variant versions of a keyword or exact phrases.  Limiting retrieval by using field searching.

Video: Advanced Research Strategy (8:21)

Scope: Searching for and checking out book and DVD  materials owned by Albright.  Locating materials not owned by Albright and requesting them via interlibrary loan.:41)

Video:  Finding Books and DVDs (8:41)

7. Finding Articles 8. Evaluating Sources
9. Plagiarism

Scope: Searching for and locating journal articles of interest whether owned or not owned by Albright.

Video: Finding Articles (4:50)

Scope: Determining if research materials meet the CRAAP test of quality materials.

Video: Evaluating Sources (5:57)

Scope: Determining what is plagiarism and why academic honesty is important in research.  Recognizing and avoiding the dangers of plagiarism and the importance of citing properly.

Video: Plagiarism v. Academic Honesty (8:00)