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Open Educational Resources (OER)

Textbook Replacement

OER Resources in Use at Albright

APS 900/ CRJ 920: Organizational Behavior & Applied Psychology 
"Principles of Social Psychology" (Flatworld)

APS 911: Human Resource Management
"Human Resource Management" (FlatWorld)

APS 916: Topics in Psychology
"Introduction to Psychology" (FlatWorld)

APS 925/APS 930: Research Methods in Psychology
"Introduction to Psychology" (Saylor Foundation)
Research Designs​" (NOBA)

BUS 905/APS 905/BUS 910: Management Concepts I
"Principles of Management" (Lumen Learning)

BUS 910: Management Concepts II
"Principles of Management" (Saylor Foundation)

BUS 930: Applied Macroeconomics
"Principles of Macroeconomics" (OpenStax)

BUS 935/ACC 905: Accounting I
"Financial Accounting" (Lumen Learning)

BUS 936: Accounting II
"Managerial Accounting" (Lumen Learning)

BUS 950: Financial Management II
"Modern Corporate Finance: Theory and Practice" (FlatWorld)

BUS 952: Management of Information Systems
"Information Systems for Business and Beyond" (Saylor Foundation)
"Information Systems: A Manager's Guide to Harnessing Technology"​ (FlatWorld)
"Introduction to Business" (Lumen Learning)

BUS 955: International Business
"International Business: Opportunities and Challenges in a Flattening World" (FlatWorld)

BUS 941: Introduction to Statistics
"Introductory Statistics" (FlatWorld)

BUS 945: Financial Management I
"Modern Corporate Finance: Theory and Practice" (FlatWorld)