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Free the Textbook


OER is awesome but it may not contain all of the resources you need to effectively teach your course.  The list of publishers below offers a variety of resources for your students.  Some offer entire courses, some online test banks, and other instructor supplements. Explore the ever-growing list of companies below to explore low-cost options for affordable course materials. 



FlatWorld believes that instructors are the key to quality student education. FlatWorld publishes peer-reviewed titles written by distinguished faculty, at a fraction of the price. Books can be customized to fit course needs. Many texts have recently added Homework Systems.




OpenStax works with a variety of partners to offer low-cost digital resources to supplement no cost textbooks. Many professors enjoy using online homework platforms to provide students with multiple ways to practice their knowledge and receive immediate feedback.






Lumen Learning offers online textbooks and supporting materials from OER textbooks. Lumen offers platforms for OER textbooks. 

  • Candela courses are affordable e-books with curated text, video, interactives, and other learning materials.
  •  Waymaker courses are user-friendly digital courseware with data-driven learning design, personalization, and messaging tools. 
  • Lumen OHM is an online homework platform for math courses






VItalSource offers digital textbooks to provide immersive, engaging digital content at a lower price than traditional textbooks.






Barnes and Noble Loudcloud Courseware offers a wide variety of online courseware to supplement OER textbooks.

Courses include:
  • Advanced Business
  • Business and Economics
  • Criminal Justice
  • Healthcare
  • Humanities
  • Math & Science
  • Social Sciences




LRNER offers courses utilizing adaptive learning platforms which include practice, activities, assessments and other interactive learning aids.

Other courses offered include: Economics, Mico Economics, Microbiology, Physics, Chemistry, American Government, English and US History.





Cengage introduced a subscription called Cengage Unlimited to address the issue of rising textbook costs.  A subscription to Cengage Unlimited, which is available directly from Cengage, online or at campus and off-campus bookstores, costs $119.99 a semester or $179.99 a year.