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       Albright Humanities Courses

  • ENG101 Curated Readings
  • ENG102 Writing about Literature through Theory (FlatWorld)
  • SPI225  Public Speaking (Lumen)

          Albright Business Courses

  • BUS246 Management Principles (FlatWorld)
  • BUS378 Power of Selling (FlatWorld) 
  • BUS380 The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business (FlatWorld)
  • BUS920 Principles of Marketing (FlatWorld)
  • BUS930 Macroeconomics (OpenStax) 
  • BUS935 Financial Accounting (Lumen)
  • BUS936 Managerial Accounting (Lumen)
  • BUS941 Intro to Statistics (FlatWorld)
  • BUS942 Production Management (VitalSource)
  • BUS945 Modern Corporate Finance (FlatWorld)
  • BUS950 Modern Corporate Finance (FlatWorld)
  • BUS952 Information Systems (FlatWorld)
  • BUS955 International Business (FlatWorld)
  • DMS247 Principles of Marketing (FlatWorld)
  • DMS371 eMarketing: The Essential Guide to Marketing in a Digital World (Quirk Open Source)
  • DMS373 Innovating Analytics: Word of Mouth Index (ProQuest Ebook Central)
  • DMS377 Consumer Behavior (FlatWorld)
  • DMS375 Launch! Advertising and Promotion in Real Time (FlatWorld)
  • DMS378 Power of Selling (FlatWorld)

          Albright Social Science Courses

  • ANT101 Perspectives: An Open Invitation to Cultural Anthropology (OER)
  • APS900 Principles of Social Psychology (FlatWorld)
  • APS905 Principles of Management (FlatWorld)
  • APS911 Human Resource Managemen(FlatWorld)
  • APS916 Topics in Psychology (FlatWorld)
  • APS925 Research Methods: Core Concepts and Skills for Psychology (FlatWorld)
  • APS930 Introductory Statistics (FlatWorld)
  • APS938  Psychology (OpenStax) The Essentials of Conditioning & Learning (APA)
  • APS940 Practical Ethics for Psychologists (APA)
  • CRJ920 Principles of Social Psychology (FlatWorld)
  • POS101 American Government  (OpenStax & Lumen)
  • PSY100 Principles of Psychology (Lumen & FlatWorld)
  • SOC210 Principles of Sociological Inquiry (FlatWorld)
  • SYN397  Curated Readings

             Albright Science Courses

  • CHE100 Intro to Chemistry (FlatWorld)



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