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Ebrary Ebooks -- Reading and Downloading : ebrary's Mobile App -- iOS (4.3 or higher) devices


Initial setup

1. Go to your ebrary site and sign in to your personal ebrary account as usual. You’ll need to do this at least once every 90-days to validate use on the mobile app.

2. If you don’t already have a personal ebrary account, create one here

Create an Adobe account:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Create an account
  3. Fill in at least the starred fields…
  4. Click “OK

Supported Devices

iPhone® 3GS, iPhone® 4 or iPhone® 4S

iPod Touch®

iPad® 1 or 2

Using Your iPhone or Tablet

  • Install ebrary app from “App Store” icon on your device. To access the Apple App Store, you’ll need an Apple account; to create one without a credit card see:
  • Once you’ve installed the ebrary app, tap to open it
  • First time signing in to app you’re prompted for your Adobe account info
  • Then enter your personal ebrary account username and password. Since Albright uses a custom sign-in to ebrary through a proxy server, you will need to use the Facebook Sign-in feature below.

Facebook Sign-in option:

First, link your ebrary account to your Facebook account (a one-time setup):

  1. Go to your ebrary site using your computer’s browser
  2. Sign in to your personal ebrary account as usual  (Dont have one?  create one, see
  3. Click “My Settings” link at top-right of ebrary screen.
  4. Under “Link your account to Facebook“, click “Log In
  5. On Facebook log-in screen, enter your Facebook credentials, click “Log In
    (Don’t have a Facebook account? Click “Sign up for Facebook” at lower left)

You can then sign in on the mobile app using the “Sign in with Facebook” button and your Facebook credentials.

Important note: The Facebook Sign-in feature does not access or post anything on Facebook accounts, it just takes advantage of users’ Facebook authentication.

The Step-by-Step instructions above are provided by the ebrary Knowledge Base.

Need ebrary Help?

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