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ENG 101 (Spring 2017): Class Activity : Search Strategies

Search Tips


Remember to think of possible:

  • Synonyms
  • Narrower Terms
  • Broader Terms
  • Related Terms


Group work: Students will form groups of 2-3 students.

1.) Begin by having the students identify KEY TERMS in the question and brainstorm a list of synonyms and related topics.

  • A good dictionary and thesaurus are valuable throughout the research process.  A good one to start with is the Collins English Thesaurus

2.) Each group will find the following to answer the question using  Academic Search Premier :

  • A Popular Article
  • A Scholarly Article

3.) Discussion: Groups will each send one representative to board to present their search strategy; discuss results

  • Discuss the importance of synonyms
  • Discuss database limiters such as date, full text, and peer reviewed.
  • Discuss Scholarly v. Popular.
  • Discuss if students think that they improved their topic by brainstorming search terms.  Ask, “Were there areas of your topic that you hadn’t thought of before?”

Search smarter, Search faster