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ENG 101 (Spring 2017): In Class Activity


CRAAP Test Game

Are these sources of information viable? Or are they just loads of C.R.A.A.P ? 

Each group will be assigned a website. Analyze the site and answer the attached questions. Once you are finished a student will be randomly selected to explain to the class their evaluation and findings. 


Website Evaluation




  1. What is this site about? For what purpose was it created?

    2. What evidence do you see that would indicate this is a valid site for information?

    3. What evidence do you see that would indicate that this might not be a good site for finding valid information?

    4. In your opinion, is this a hoax site? If not, would it be a good site to use for information even if you think the site is strange or out of the mainstream?




Group 1


Hawaiian Independence



Group 2




Group 3




Group 4



Group 5