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FaculTea: Wil Lindsay MFA

About Facul-TEAs:

A FaculTEA is a chance for faculty, especially those coming out of sabbatical, to make their research accessible to students.

Wil Lindsay MFA

ghost face

Wednesday, October 28th 2015
Wil Lindsay M.F.A: 
"Apophenia: The Ghost in the Circuit"

4:00 p.m.
Library Group Study Room A/B
Refreshments provided


More about this Facul-TEA

" Apophenia: The Ghost in the Circuit"

Apophenia is the human ability to perceive patterns and meaning in random data sets (ie: seeing faces and animals in clouds or hearing whispers on a howling wind).

The effect is often explored by "ghost-hunters," who use electronic tools to find patterns in the environment around us and exploit them as a way to communicate with spirits of the deceased. 

It is believed by many, that these spirits can influence the energies within our technologies and devices.

This series of work is based on an exploration of these phenomena, appearing sometimes human, or echoing events and places from long ago.