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FaculTea: Dr. Arcana Albright

About Facul-TEAs:

A FaculTEA is a chance for faculty, especially those coming out of sabbatical, to make their research accessible to students.

Dr. Arcana Albright

Albright College Library presents: A Facul-TEA 

Thursday, February 15th 2018.

 Arcana Albright, Ph.D.: “New Century, New Forums: Jean-Philippe Toussaint's Literary Screens”

4:00 p.m.
Library Group Study Room A/B
Refreshments provided

This is an Experience Event!

What happens to literature in an age of screens? This presentation considers how critically acclaimed novelist Jean-Philippe Toussaint answers this question by examining a variety of his literary projects that engage head-on the intersection between literature and the screen. From book to screen adaptations to a theatrical production featuring enormous screened video, not to mention a novel entitled La Télévision and a multimedia exhibit at the Louvre LIVRE/LOUVRE, the place of the book in a universe of visual projections onto screens constitutes a core preoccupation of Toussaint’s work.  As he explores non-literary forms, Toussaint demonstrates that literature not only can survive but can thrive in an age of screens.  Indeed, Toussaint’s work showcases the screen’s ability to illuminate and extend the literary experience.