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FaculTea: Dr. Elizabeth Kiester

About Facul-TEAs:

A FaculTEA is a chance for faculty, especially those coming out of sabbatical, to make their research accessible to students.

Dr. Elizabeth Kiester

Albright College Library presents:

A Facul-TEA Thursday, April 12th  2018.

Elizabeth Kiester, Ph.D.: “For the Bible Tells Me So: Understanding the Impact of Religious Beliefs and State Policy Attitudes Towards LGBTQ Individuals”

4:00 p.m.
Library Group Study Room A/B
Refreshments provided

This is an Experience Event!

Dr. Kiester will be talking about ACRE research she conducted with a former student. What is the role of religious beliefs in shaping attitudes towards LGBTQ individuals? Additionally, what effect might policies have in mitigating or enhancing that effect? Their research suggests that religious beliefs and pro-equality policies act as a mechanism for what we believe and who we know which in turn have an effect on attitude formation.